The Cooper Union School of Art Outreach Program

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The Outreach Pre-College Program was formed in 1992 to extend the Summer Art Program taught and administered by School of Art faculty. Outreach continues to be a full scholarship, year-round program for New York City area high school students, grades 10-12, and is ideal preparation for students interested in pursuing a degree in art. Studio classes include: introduction to drawing, printmaking, photography, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, as well as courses that investigate creative writing and contemporary art issues—where we explore what compels artists to make work today? This program serves the needs of students who would most benefit from portfolio development and a fully funded education. The curriculum is designed to harness the talent and promise of New York’s youth.

Students are admitted to the Outreach Program through a portfolio interview conducted on-campus prior to each seasonal course.

All classes are taught by college level faculty who are professional artists and poets, and are assisted by Cooper Union undergraduates. Enrollment is limited to 18 students per class to ensure lots of constructive time spent with the instructors. Classes take place in Cooper’s iconic Foundation Building and the New Academic Building by noted architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis, Inc.   Classes also include opportunities to visit museums, galleries, and artist studios throughout the city to further enrich the student’s experience.

Each session ends with a celebration of students’ work in an exhibition at the Cooper Union as well as a reading to showcase the poetry students create in their writing workshops. Each student is represented in an anthology featuring their best works during the spring, summer and fall programs.

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“In Drawing I was forced to make something from something considered ugly and in the end it was beautiful.”